Selling Process

If you’ve recently decided to sell your home, chances are you’re feeling overwhelmed by a variety of emotions. You may be excited about upgrading to a dream home or anxious with the uncertainties of a major move across the country. You may be reluctant to leave your memories behind, while at the same time, eager to start a new adventure. Whatever turbulent feelings you’re experiencing right now, there are plenty of practical matters that need your attention.

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Checklist for selling your home

You can significantly influence the selling price of your house by preparing it and your property before putting it on the market! Here are suggestions to improve a buyer’s first impression of your home. Review the checklist now, before every open house showing, and before photos are taken. Check to see exactly what the camera will “see”. By all means, look carefully at walls, floors and ceilings for signs or wear, marks or need for repainting or wallpapering. And, don’t forget to look at trim, including doors and windows.

CURB APPEAL – Property seen from the street

  • Healthy, weed-free, nearly cut, trimmed lawn
  • Shrubs trimmed nearly. Trees, shrubs trimmed to not touch the house
  • Sealed black-top driveway
  • Weed-free driveway, front walk, shrub areas o Toys, garden tools, clutter removed from yard

HOUSE EXTERIOR – Front view from the street

  • Recently painted siding
  • Recently painted, touched-up trim
  • Repair, repaint fences, gates
  • Clean, align gutters, downspouts
  • Wash, align shutters
  • Wash all windows, storms, screens


  • Clean, wash, scrub front steps, porch as needed
  • Check front doorbell and bell light
  • Replace welcome mat
  • Paint or wash storm door, lubricate hinges
  • Polish brass door lockset and brass hinges
  • Clean and wash front door tread


  • Clean interior entry area or foyer of all clutter o Reduce volume, clutter in the front hall closet
  • Clean and polish the front entry floor
  • Wash, polish and replace bulbs in light fixture o Remove fingerprints, scuff marks on trim, walls
  • Paint to lighten and refresh entrance area


  • Repaint or touch up walls, ceiling and trim
  • Repair or replace damaged moulding, trim
  • Remove electric plates, clean and replace
  • Refinish, clean, wax hardwood and vinyl floors
  • Shampoo carpeting


  • Repaint, re paper, touch up walls, trim, ceiling o Replace or clean drapes, bedspread, accessories
  • Shampoo carpet or clean, polish floors
  • Organize, clean out, neaten all closets
  • Clear off top surfaces of all bedroom furniture o Put all clothing away, out-of-sight


  • Paint walls, ceiling, trim white or light color, or
  • Wallpaper with small pattern and light colors
  • Remove wax, scrub, re-polish floors
  • Wash, wipe down, wax cabinets/appliances
  • Thoroughly clean range, ovens
  • Clean out refrigerator and wash interior
  • Empty dishwasher, clean around controls Check operation of all appliances
  • Neatly arrange and clean food storage areas
  • Reorganize and clean out cabinets and drawers
  • Nearly arrange and display dishes in cabinets
  • Clear all clutter from countertops
  • Check to see that drawers/doors open easily
  • Wash or replace curtains
  • Clean or put away pet feeding, watering dishes


  • Paint or wallpaper using light colors
  • Scrub tile, bleach, repair grout
  • Check to see that drawers/doors open easily
  • Clean, polish floor as appropriate
  • Clean out medicine cabinet, wash inside and out
  • Seal around tubs and showers
  • Check for evidence of water at toilet base
  • Replace old toilet seats
  • Replace shower window curtainsBuy a set of new, color coordinated bath linens


  • Check operation of appliances and clean them
  • Clean, organize laundry area, remove clothes
  • Provide adequate (bright) light to area


  • Remove clutter, papers, unnecessary items
  • Replace burned-out bulbs throughout the house
  • Remove cobwebs from ceilings, corners
  • Remove paint splash on tile, floor, cabinets
  • Wash, polish all door hardware, handrails
  • Reorganize, clean out all closets
  • Replace switches, outlets that don’t work
  • Add colorful plants, flowers to several rooms
  • Replace or rejuvenate pillows, accessories
  • Clean out, sweep, organize garage
  • Organize, make neat basement and attic storage


30 Days before you move

  • Get rid of anything you aren’t bringing with you.
  • Find out where to dispose of household chemicals like old paint.
  • Make a list of everything you’re bringing to your new home.
  • Find out the replacement value of all belongings, for insurance purposes.
  • Fill out a change of address form. Notify friends, family and others of your new address.
  • Get copies of your medical and dental records, if necessary.
  • Get copies of veterinary records, if necessary.
  • If you’re moving out of province, find out about auto licensing and insurance.
  • If you’re moving in-province, find out where and how to change your address on your driver’s license.
  • Notify your kids’ schools and have their records transferred to their new schools.
  • Return any cable equipment.
  • Make hotel and airline reservations if you need them.

8 to 14 days before you move

  • Return any borrowed items.
  • Collect all the items you may have loaned out.
  • Make arrangements to disconnect gas, electric and other utilities.
  • Make arrangements to connect utilities at your new place.
  • Arrange to have major appliances prepped for the move.

Couple of Days before you move

  • Get rid of all flammables.
  • Figure out what you’re bringing with you in the car or plane.
  • Arrange for removal of “installed items” you’re bringing with you, like a TV antenna or shelves.
  • Pack a suitcase with the clothes and toiletries you’ll need the first day in your new home.
  • Pack a special box with other essentials you’ll need for the first few days. (Make sure to mark this box “Do Not Move”)

The day before Moving Day

  • Take down curtains and curtain rods.
  • Empty, defrost and clean your refrigerator. Make sure it has at least 24 hours to air dry.
  • Clean and air your stove.
  • Pack your personal belongings except your alarm clock.

Moving Day

  • Collect all keys to locking items.Put them in a safe place.
  • Make sure you’re at home when the movers arrive, so you can sign an inventory.
  • Walk around with the crew chief while he does the inventory.
  • Make sure everything is ready for the move.
  • Keep your signed bill of lading and inventory in an easily accessible place.
  • Make sure the driver has the correct delivery address and phone number.
  • Confirm the expected delivery time with the driver.
  • Before you leave, do a final walk through of every room.
  • Check all closets and cabinets.